Campfire Effect™


I help entrepreneurs, corporate leaders and teams discover a powerful new relationship to who they are and what they do through my proprietary methodology called the
Campfire Effect™.

We start by uncovering the core personal narrative which includes five forces:

Who you are:

Not what you’ve been told, or what you imagine others think of you, but who you hold yourself out to be.

What you do:

Not your job title, or the contents of your inbox, but the actions and intentions that define the difference you make in the world.

Why you do it:

Not your compensation, or the expectations of others, but the primary driving force that has you show up.

How you do it:

Not what you were taught, or what you are supposed to do, but the unique methodology you bring to your work.

What you’ve done:

Not the accolades, not the bonuses, but the difference you’ve made in the past that shows what is possible when you own your story.

“Because of The Campfire effect coaching I was able to do over $80k in revenue in month. Of which $8 - $10k per month of that is recurring. My previously monthly high after 10 years in business was $25k. Most importantly I am only working clients I truly love to work with.”

Danny Page – Personal Trainer

“After going through The Campfire Effect I realized I was not sharing the story of why I do what I do in my launch videos. I went back and reshot those videos and included my story. We ended up doing our first ever million dollar online launch and so many of the people who enrolled said it was because of how I told my story.”

Lisa Sasevich – Entrepreneur. Speaker. Thought Leader.

“I created $60k of additional revenue 30 days after completing The Campfire Effect coaching by learning how to share my patient success stories. The lifetime value of that will be well over six figures.”

Dr. Jason West, Naturopathic Doctor

“As a result of going through The Campfire Effect, I was able to define my process, and learn how to talk about it in a clear, powerful way. As a result, my practice has grown 6 times in revenue in just over 12 months.”

Dr. Sheila Kilbane

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