Let’s skip the accolades, achievements and personal bio back-patting. We all know it doesn’t really work anyways.

Here’s the truth: who I am is who I choose to be every single day.

What I can tell you is my story – the truth about who I have been in the past and how I made a difference for the people in my life.

My story begins in Arizona, where my family were among the first to settle this wild and beautiful land. I grew up a cowboy, surrounded by storytellers, soaking up wisdom that can’t be found in books.

I pursued a few vocations and found a measure of success in each. None spoke to me. Instead, I spoke into each of them – connecting with people to create narrative, find meaning and unlock growth and change. And in doing so, I discovered my passion or purpose?

My favorite quote is from Mark Twain, who said “The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you found out why.” I found out why I was put on this earth. To help people see that they are the authors of their story and can create anything they want.

Today, I partner with entrepreneurs, brands and teams of all sizes to discover their stories. Working together, we find clarity, build culture, align teams and create sustainable growth that is aligned with who they are in the world.

Discovering my story and sharing it with passion and focus has changed my life and my business.

If that speaks to you, let’s talk.

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